Kod: O903 - Ambalaj 5 lt./20 lt./60 lt.


Omega 903 Super Diesel Additive is quality formulated to improve combustion of diesel engines while extending the intervals between routine engine maintenance.

• Omega 903 significantly increases mileage while boosting horsepower to save you money.

• Omega 903 improves fuel storage stability – biocide formulation eliminates sludging tendency of diesel fuel.

• Omega 903 provides cleaner, more efficient engines – reduces annoying smoke exhaust.

OUTSTANDING PROPERTIES Omega 903 is the super diesel additive that:

• Extends the service life of fuel injectors.

• Keeps injector clean for complete combustion and optimum fuel economy.

• Reduces wear in ring belt areas.

• Dispenses completely in bulk diesel fuel.


Omega 903 is formulated to get rid of the residues in diesel that clog filters and retards the vital flow of fuel.

Omega 903 keeps engines operating up to three times as long between maintenance intervals. This super additive keeps filters, pumps, tanks and injectors amazingly clean.

Omega 903 restores and revitalizes sluggish injector equipment. A "clean-out shot" treatment completely removes accumulated sludge deposits and restores injectors to peak condition.

Use Omega 903 confidently with all diesel engines.