Kod: O101 - Ambalaj 5 lt./20 lt./60 lt.


Omega 101 "The Liquid Cork" Radiator Sealant is the universal "Quick Fix" for radiators and other cooling systems in vehicles and equipment of all types.

• Omega 101 is quality formulated to quickly and permanently seal radiator leakage.

• Omega 101 effectively lubricates water pumps.

• Omega 101 safely seals any material, including steel, iron, rubber and plastic – will not harm aluminum or its alloys.


Omega 101 is the super radiator sealant that:

• Seals leaks in radiators, radiator hoses, welsh plugs and water pumps.

• Inhibits rust and keeps radiators and their components functioning smoothly.

• Is compatible with anti-freeze compounds.

• Can be used effectively in all industrial, commercial and marine systems.


Omega 101 automatically dissipates and spreads evenly when added to any radiator system to coat walls, hoses and gaskets. Leaks are immediately sealed and worn areas are reinforced.

The seals achieved once Omega 101 is added are permanent. Even if the water is drained away, the seals will remain intact.

Therefore, one application of Omega 101 is all you needs.

Use Omega 101 for: • All Automotive Radiators • Pressurized Heat Exchange Equipment • Compressors Cooling Systems