Corium Z187 Super Gasket Remover is the superior formulation in convenient aerosol form that makes the removal of damaged and sticking gasket materials fast and simple.

• Corium Z187's quickly and economically removes old and damaged gaskets and sticky and hardened gasket compounds.

• Corium Z187 ensures maximum "sealability" when new gasket is applied.

• Corium Z187 is free from acids and alkalis and absolutely will not harm metal surfaces.



Corium Z187 is the superior gasket remover that :

• Contains high-energy chemical ingredients that neutralize the adhesion between metal surfaces to ensure the easy removal of gasket material.

• Eliminates the need for harmful and time-consuming mechanical abrasion, scrapping and sand-papering.

• Requires no post-application surface treatment – gets your engines, machinery and equipment back on the job faster!



Corium Z187 features high-energy ingredients that quickly and economically remove old or damaged gasketting compounds and materials from engine, machinery and equipment surfaces and ensures maximum "sealability" when a new gasket is installed.

Corium Z187 works by chemically neutralizing the adhesion between the existing gasket material and destroying the molecular attraction to the under metal surface. This non-damaging chemical reaction eliminates the need for further mechanical work as the gasket will just easily peel away.

Use Corium Z187 confidently on gaskets and gasket compounds on engines, machinery and equipment of all types.