Corium Z161 "Double Action" Power Belt Dressing is the superior formulation in aerosol packaging that provides you with the fast, easy and clean way to safeguard and extend the service life of all types of power transmission belts.

• Corium Z161 effectively protects and prolongs the working life of all types of power belts.

• Corium Z161 features super adhesive qualities to ensure long-lasting protection – it will not drip or throw off.

• Corium Z161 increases traction to minimize belt slippage and improve overall engine efficiency.



Corium Z161 is the advanced formula power belt dressing that:

• Is easy to use – just point spray on to belts while operating.

• Is effective on all sizes and types of belts – even including rubber, leather and fabric belts.

• Will not break down from heat, conventional lubricants or moisture.

• Increases belt traction and boosts power output – adds new life to old belts.



Corium Z161 is a superior formulation based on natural resins that provide a uniformly coated spray application. These ingredients will yield an increase in power and control slippage on all types of flat, round or V-shaped power transmission belts.

Corium Z161 is designed specially to prolong the service life of belts and significantly reduce maintenance and downtime – it saves you time and money!

Use Corium Z161 confidently on all types and sizes of power transmission belts in automobiles, machinery and equipment.