Corium 4060 "Rapid Repair" Machinable Sealing & Filling Compound is the advanced sealing and filling compound that is handy to use, provides reliable results and seals and patch-repairs almost any hard surface.

• Corium 4060 lets you make economical, reliable and machinable repairs in just minutes.

• Corium 4060 seals and patch-repairs virtually any metal or non-metal hard surface without effort.

• Corium 4060 gives professional results every time without special tools, training or expertise.



Corium 4060 is the machinable sealing and filling compound that :

• Partially cures in minutes and obtains full strength within one hour.

• Works well on wet surfaces – even under water.

• Seals surfaces in irregular shape and can be sanded or machined to desired shape after curing.

• Can be painted over after curing to ensure a virtually invisible and professional finish.



Corium 4060 is extremely versatile and can be used for hundreds of diverse applications, including as a sealant or joining adhesive, putty for building up parts and voids.

Use Corium 4060 confidently on ferrous and non-ferrous metals including: Steel • Copper • Aluminum • Cast Iron • Stainless Steel • Galvanized • Brass and Chrome.

Corium 4060 works well on hard-surfaced, non-metal applications including: PVC • Glass • Wood • Concrete • Ceramic • Brick • Tile • Porcelain • Enamelware and Plastic Surfaces and Parts.