Kod: C4040


Corium 4040 Heavy-Duty Metal Repair Compound is the "impossible" metal repair and build-up compound that quickly and easily provides strong and long-lasting repairs to metal – even aluminum.

• Corium 4040 is super easy to use – it quickly repairs leaks, cracks, fractures and grooves in metal.

• Corium 4040 is super tough on the job – it gives permanent and fully machinable repairs.

• Corium 4040 provides super versatility – it can be used effectively for patching and building up metal surfaces.



Corium 4040 is the superior heavy-duty metal repair and build-up compound that :

• Is quality formulated to provide near-metallic properties.

• Gives unusually high-strength and long-lasting repairs to damaged and worn metal surfaces.

• Is easily moldable to the shape required to make difficult metal repair a breeze.

• Provides a close color match to iron and steel.



Corium 4040 has been adapted through advanced metallic additives.

Corium 4040 is a two-part formulation that provides a fully machinable compound especially adapted for filling crack, building up metals and all heavy-duty and repair situations requiring rebuilding and machining operations.

Use Corium 4040 on:

• Building up worn or low spots in wooden or metal patterns or models

• Repairing stripped threads

• Repairing cracked or broken cast iron

• Repairing aluminum

• Sealing oil leaks

• Sealing leaks in gasoline tanks

• Filling holes in auto bodies